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Evergreen Sawyer Certification Class

11/19/2018,  6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Bryan Connolly

Fancy yourself a lumberjack?

Want to join the elite trail maintenance family?

Are you interested in learning safe and proper chainsaw habits and techniques?

Evergreen’s USFS certified instructors are hosting this classroom session open to all who are interested. You will be given the opportunity to sign up for field sessions that will qualify you for a USFS bucking certification! This certification is required in order to operate power saws on federal and state lands, and will make you a valuable member of the regional trail maintenance elIte. We are responsible for an ever-growing inventory of trail mileage across the state, and we need your help to keep all these amazing trails open.

We are honored to be able to offer this coveted service to our members. Please join us for this fun and informative inaugural session. Attendance is limited. Please RSVP ASAP.  

No special equipment is needed for the classroom session. 

Equipment and prerequisites for subsequent field evaluations will be discussed in class. 

Location Compass Outdoor Adventures
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