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Radiant Wrench Flat Fix & Ride Prep At Hello Bicycle

09/12/2018,  7:30 pm -  9:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE; THIS EVENT REQUIRES SEPARATE REGISTRATION.  PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK TO REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/radiant-wrench-flat-fix-and-ride-prep-hello-bicycle-tickets-49458692280

Radiant Wrench presents Flat Fix and Ride Prep At Hello Bicyvle in Beacon Hill.

Learn advanced wrenching from professional mechanics!  This class is intended for riders of all skill levels and mechanical backgrounds. 

Topics covered include:

-- How to prepare for your ride
-- Pack checklist, what to carry and why
-- Fix a flat tire
-- Patch a tube
-- Boot a tire
-- Learn About Tires
- Proper PSI
- Identify wear
- tread
- casing
- all about tubeless
- and more

Radiant Wrench is endorsed by Evergreen, and a portion of all proceeds to to Evergreen MTBA.

Radiant Wrench is dedicated to empowering riders to work on their own bike, to keep their rides running smoothly and fix any mechanical issues so they can keep on keepin' on!

Location Hello Bicycle, 3067 Beacon Avenue South