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Enduro Training Ride - Raging

04/30/2024,  4:30 pm -  8:00 pm
Cascades to Sound
Registration is closed

Raging River - we have enough daylight planning on No Service/Invictus/Return Policy/CCDH/PCT/27

Faster paced rides (both up and down) for people who can get off work early.

It would be fun if this became a group but for now its just an invitation to join me (and the occasional buddy who can show up) on a weekly training ride.

Rides will get longer and more robust as daylight and fitness increase, although one can of course drop off or leave me behind at any time.

I’m a bigger guy on a big bike, so pace is not XC fast but definitely faster than a social ride with a lot less stopping.

Base assumption is you would be comfortable riding Predator top to bottom in one pull, or riding parking lot to towers with only one stop, attitude more important than aptitude.

Ideal is wheels rolling by 4:30 but I’m willing to wait until 5:00