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Crank Sisters Intermediate Raging River Canyon Creek Down Hill (CCDH)

04/29/2023, 10:00 am
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Crank Sisters Intermediate Raging River Canyon Creek Down Hill (also practice for the Sturdy Dirty)


This ride is for anyone who identifies as female.


Super excited that the snow is saying bye-bye and we can enjoy one of our favorite rides—Canyon Creek Down Hill! If you’re doing the Sturdy Dirty this year, this is a chance to get another practice ride in. We hope to have enough time to session some of the trickier spots.


*This is a no-drop ride and we will regroup as needed. Please know your skill set and be prepared for a lot of climbing. You should be able to stay on your bike most of the time and walk a section here and there if you can do middle/lower PT, OTG, and Atlas, then you can do CCDH.


Bring your PMA!


Date: Saturday 4/29/23

Start time: 10AM

Mileage: ~12

Elevation: ~2500’

Ride time: let’s just say 5 hours


Route: Upward Mobility > Raging River/Road > CCDH starting at 2 > Raging Tiger > Upper Flow State > Lower Flow State


Upward Mobility: wide relatively smooth climbing trail

Raging River: punchy wide relatively smooth climbing trail

CCDH: Not for beginners—technical, rooty, rocky, steep turns
Raging Tiger: punchy wide relatively smooth climbing trail

Upper/Lower Flow State: fast flow, flow, flow downhill

Ride Leaders:

Jen Baily: 206-276-3764

Lisa Rasmussen: 425-445-6332


*Please sign the https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5e167c3b53aff/web/ and no walk-ons or late arrivals please. We’ll meet by the TH sign.

*Suggested equipment: water, snacks, knee pads, spare tube/air, more snacks

*If you have covid symptoms or an exposure, please do not come.

*Discover Pass required for the parking lot.