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Fun First Time!

02 | May | '15

First time riding. The directions from Clem Elem starting point arent great. Take the coal creek trail all the way to Roslyn and then the trailhead is right near the intersection of Arizona and C Street. From there, follow the trail as it looks most ridden. We got lost near the top, but your ultimate goal is to get near the cell tower on the main ridge road. From there, take the road south-east until you come to the trailhead. If you want a quick extension, before you get to the trail head, there will be a well-ridden trail to your left and follow that, but make sure you choose to stay near the main ridge road area when it forks.

Going down is exactly like the summary says, hard to get lost. A lot of the features are broken so just make sure you look for that. Conditions were quite dry and dusty given the lack of snowfall this year. First time riding, will definitely be back!

Submitted by on 05/04/2015