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New trail north of Sultan

17 | Apr | '15

Added another Highway 2 trail to the Evergreen site today after planning and riding it for the first time today. The ride starts at an access gate off of Sultan Basin Road and then after a mile, climbs into forested clearcuts and switch backs. There are nice views to the west and the top of Rainier was visible once. After the climbs and at about 2700 feet, last week's snow was just starting to accumulate. After a mile along the ridge, it drops to the South before the climb back to the summit. The final climb to the summit and tower is on an older overgrown logging road and with the 6" of slushy snow and minimal traction, it turned into pushing the bike for a little less than a mile. After the summit, the rest was a fairly level undulating ridge line ride on a snowy access road to the Olney Pass and then the entry area to Spada Lake. The final mile of this ridge line is a steeper downhill dirt road. The last leg of the ride is the dirt section of Sultan Basin Road and then paved section back to your car to the West. The track and some pictures are available at:

Submitted by tomvale on 04/18/2015