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Needed a Remote Get Away

03 | Jul | '23

I haven't climbed stuff on the Mountain Loop Highway in a long time so I went out there earlier today to climb back up to the Ham radio repeater at the top Green Mountain just north of Verlot. My GPS App glitched with bugs in a newly released version but the road climb and views of Pilchuck still made up for it. Here is Rainier which is visible from the west side of the Green Mountain ridgeline.


The whole trip to the summit and back took about two and a quarter hours and the descent was fun. Had to follow a forest service pickup down for a little bit, so that was a bit dusty but tolerable until I passed him a little farther down. My previous report has better pictures and GPS data so I have that link here. No snow at all today! Levo in Trail mode still had 40% left at the end (20 miles, 3000' vertical).

Submitted by tomvale on 07/03/2023