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First Tracks!

As a former ski patroller for 17 years, that was one of my favorite phrases to describe the day on the slopes in fresh powder. Today was the same, but instead of skis, this time it was using my Levo instead. I took it up the lower shuttle road which had a single, double track truck tread to use to get through the 4-7 inches of snow. The Levo was a climbing machine and helped me through the weak parts of my cadence. The lower trail had about 4 inches of snow at its top and tapered down to zero at the base. The downhill grade was enough to plow through the powder without using much pedaling. It was a slower run but still a fun challenge.

After Skyline, I drove down to the Out of the Blue gate and did a clear run of the lowest segment, except for the first 100' which had 3" of snow. The rest of the ride was a quick descent to the Skills Park to do Logger and High Grade and a climb back up to the car back at the gate. It was a cloudy day at first but then cleared off for the view of Whitehorse. GPS track and pics are here. The slow, snowy, Skyline descent is here.

Ride Apr042023

Submitted by tomvale on 04/04/2023