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Dry But Still Fricken Awesome

17 | Sep | '22

Had a good morning start in the new parking lot with five other buddies and began climbing up Pony Express and Huff N Puff to the top. We came down Mohawk first and then Happy Hour. I avoided the huge rock rolls but the trails were wonderful! We took the roads over to SST and went all the way to the north end and returned on the Ridge and Queens of Dirt trails to get us back to do Cedar Dust jumps. We wanted one more run so the group climbed the Death Wall and then I went and did Scorpion, Unemployment Line, and Atomic Dog and they went off to do Pump Track. Sure the trails are dry but the day was just a ton of fun! Loved the new "Red Rock" decor! If you added two black rocks for eyes up near the red 'nose' you could make it a "Chia Troll". GPS track and pictures here. It sure beat driving through the freeway closure stuff in Seattle/Bellevue!

Submitted by tomvale on 09/17/2022