Gravel Loop above Darrington

26 | Sep | '20

Figured most trails were going to be muddy and slippery so I started on the gravel bike at 6am in Darrington and planned the Gold Mountain loop using FS road 24 and included summiting, and visiting the lone radio tower and weather station just above Darrington at 3200'. The ride started in a moderate rain but that lasted only the first hour while climbing and then the rain gear came off and the skies started breaking up. It was a nice quiet ride and the condition of the road was great. The new Fox 32AX fork worked really good during the descents and the river levels were impressive after our first "atmospheric river" of the season. I also stopped at Darrington's BMX pump track and toyed with it a bit.
It was a great morning! GPS track and pictures are here. The image of the loop has a lower 'total vertical' alternate route in yellow.

Submitted by tomvale on 09/26/2020