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Loop Is All Clear, Road In Great Shape

11 | Jun | '22

Parked at the DNR road and did the loop clockwise. The views of the valleys were great but the clouds were covering the higher peaks so Pilchuck wasn't clear. The lesson for today was 'don't get the Shingles vaccine a day before a rigorous activity or ride'. Had a physical yesterday and the doc said,  "...you should get it since your 59". I felt much slower on the climbs and the punchy ones were much more fatiging. The double track downhills are exhilerating and the return to the car along the roaring Olney Creek is fulfilling. GPS track and pictures are here. Stopped at JD Slicks off the highway in West Sultan for clam chowder and a beer after, yum.

Submitted by tomvale on 06/12/2022