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New Trail Developments are Wonderful

09 | Dec | '21

After watching some of the JGulch chats in Everegreen's Annual ZOOM meeting, I went to the Gulch to sample the Orion trail. When I got to the top of Orion and took a quick break, a friend, and friends of the friend, were coming up after sessioning it once. I joined the group for the second run and enjoyed the new cornering features and drops added to the Orion. It will need some packing and reinforcing but it is a wonderful, short, half pipe kind of gully run. I went back up for a second run and then one last out and back on Quarrible and Mukraker. Those two trails are also wonderful newer additions if you haven't been to the Japanese Gulch in a while. GPS track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 12/10/2021