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Severe Fire Threat

15 | Aug | '21

Since we can't add alerts to the website, this is the next best thing.   DO NOT ATTEMPT THE RIDE I DID Back on June 21st until the "25 Mile Fire" has been extinguished!!!  It has encompassed almost the full NE section of the loop I planned on this ride.   Now I have a reason to go back, try it again, and record a "before and after fire" history like I did for Chelan Butte in 2015 when I got a before and after fire ride experience.

EVERYONE, always go to this site when you plan a real remote ride to check for current status on wildfires in our new climate of the northwest!

 Also, on a positive note, I did two runs on the Timberline to Town trail here and faster here and also did Mount Bachelor the next day on the same road trip.  It was awesome!

Stay safe everyone!!

Submitted by tomvale on 08/19/2021