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Almost clear but restricted

11 | Jun | '21

In my quest to keep you updated on snowlines, I ventured to Olallie to get back up to the summit of Mt. Washington. I began the climb just before 7am and no rain. The trail was hero, and the views were pretty and under overcast skies. I caught a bear wandering about 100 yards past the 'three stump' rest stop and a loud yell sent him away in the right direction. At 3800', and at the northeast part of the traverse, I saw my first snow near the Mt Washington trail crossing. I continued on and around the ridge to the south side's road. There was no snow on the south side until I saw some at 4000'. The bummer of the ride was 2 new Watershed "No Trespassing" signs blocking public access to the Mt Washington summit approach from the South. "Legal" access to the summit is by hiking trail only now. Evergreen, DNR, and Seattle Public Utilities should get together and move that signage boundary to allow bike access to the southern summit double track approach. An alternate climbing trail along the current boundary could be added.  Also, a Predator-like trail starting just southwest of Change Peak and going north down to the Olallie would make a neat lollipop.
The descent back to the car was wonderful and the rain held off until I got back to the car. GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 06/11/2021