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Going to need some work

29 | May | '21

It's still a little early to make it up to the meadow with the snow pack we have right now so I parked down at the powerlines off of highway 2 and proceeded up to the Jennifer Dunn Trailhead. That way I could still get some vertical in before I'm stimied by the snowline (currently around 3250' there). I made it to just short of the first road to trail switchback. There are many big saw jobs to take care of up to that point and many smaller trees and wind damage  I was able to move. The Meadow drainage trail crossing is under 10-12 feet of avalanche debris and was very impressive. It will be a month until that melts away. Fun parts today were calling out to a black bear to clear the trail for me and following a black tail deer upon the return trip. Too bad this trail is high maintenance. Some erosion issues might call for reroutes soon. GPS track and pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 05/29/2021