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Nice views

09 | May | '21

Trails were dry and in good condition, lots of rocks. Trails had no traffic. We saw a few horses and hikers at the parking lot (Discovery Pass needed) but we didn't see anyone on the trails. We took the loop clockwise and did about 6-7 miles. We went up the North Canyon trail then cut through small trails going down. Going up was tough!! We are intermediate mtbers and we had to dismount a few times :) Coming back down small trails was super fun. It then put us back into the Hutchins Road, which is wide and not as much fun, but it has very nice views of the Cascades and Ellensburg area. Happy we explored that trail for the views and weather but ride was only ok. The Gaia GPS app made finding the trails very easy.

Submitted by laet123 on 05/09/2021