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Three different winter loops available

Just had a wonderful day running Lower Skyline and the lower half of Out of The Blue.  I parked at the bottom of Lower Skyline and noticed the lower shuttle road has been regraded so that made the climb easier. Thank you DNR. I climbed past Lower Skyline and then climbed through Pathfinder and began going higher on the logging road to the next switchback to possibly join with the bottom of Upper Skyline. Looks like a crossover trail plan is in works with flagging but if not, think about that Evergreen. I came back down to run Lower Skyline and cleared a tree and more of that stump but it needs a big saw still! I drove back down to the gate below Out of the Blue and climbed the logging road up to Out of the Blue's highest entry point from below and came down Out of the Blue for the first time in mid Winter. It was a little nerve racking with all the roots, rock, and leaf mats fully soaked in the recent rains but it was manageable after clearing several major windfalls and blockages.  I still like the Lower Skyline run in winter much better than Out of the Blue and Showcase Showdown just because I can keep my speed up and not worry about the traction and technical threats. All three lower trails are clear of snow so you risk takers can still have a blast even with all the snow we just had.  Enjoy Darrington - North Mountain soon! GPS Track and Pictures here.

The Main road needs more gravel though. The main road is real muddy and has ruts and center ridging developing so some 1-1/2" minus fill might be good in a couple spots.

Submitted by tomvale on 01/09/2021