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Great trails, thank you!

14 | Jun | '20

After booking a stay at Seabrook I was very excited to learn Evergreen has built trails right in the town! Someone has very diligently gone and marked them all one-way due to Covid-19.


Unfortunately this has made it kinda hard to ride narnia because it's really not obvious where the entrance is (it's at the highway): the full trail isn't marked on trail forks or on google maps, but you can see it here on openstreetmap:


Narnia definitely lives up to its name, really pretty. It gets a small amount of hiker/jogger traffic, so it's good that it's doubletrack for most of the length. There's a part in the middle that has been de-forested and is a fairly rough logging road, but the rest is fun doubletrack.

narnia highway side

Mike-o-rama has a great view of the beach and is a lot of fun, I just wish it was longer. You can do laps though.


Groot is well named. Too many super wet slippery tree roots for me, I ended up walking most of it.

groot trail

Zipline is right in the middle of town and lots of fun. Most of it is pretty slick clay in the wet though: was a bit too scary for the kids I tried to take on it. I was hoping it might be more like bootcamp at duthie, but it's a step up from that.

We had tons of rain, but all the trails drained pretty well: kudos evergreen!

Submitted by downupdown on 06/18/2020