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Snowline at 3300'

01 | May | '20

Went early starting at exit 38 and down the Iron Horse to Olallie and then climbed as high as I could until snow stopped me. There is still a need for the bigger saws at 2600' and beyond. There are a lot of trees down and some eroded hills higher that are dumping a lot of bigger rock on the trail making fast runs less safe. The trail needs a major raking from 2600' and up to clear these eroded debris scattered around. I cleared a bunch of trees/limbs with my Fiskars 10" folding saw but it was a workout. More is needed. After the final bench at 3200', snow fields made ascent higher to the Mt Washington trail junction too difficult.  I turned around for the run down and the return to the car. Pretty day before the rain this weekend. GPS track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 05/01/2020