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Pretty good shape! Dry.

18 | Mar | '20

Olallie rode pretty well today.  Not a single puddle or muddy patch anywhere along the trail (Raging River was VERY sloppy on 3/17).  The section above the first overlook was a bit gravely, and had several twigs on the trail, but dry and snow free, at least until the flat spot prior to wrapping around to the other side for the final grunt to the park bench.  There was snow on the trail at this point (sorry, I didn't check the elevation), and it was getting late in the afternoon, so I turned around and have no intel on the trail condition above this.  Rattlesnake Lake and Cedar Falls parking lots were full on this beautiful day but I only encountered about ten other riders on Olallie Trail in the late afternoon.  

Submitted by CharlieZogs on 03/18/2020