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Was a pretty pre-winter day

Tried to time the weather so the rain shadow was over Darrington when I got there. I nailed it and parked at the mid mountain shuttle zone.  I rode up the lower trail access road to do Pathfinder/Quick Release/Lower Showcase Showdown. Then climbed it again to do Lower Skyline. All were hero and well drained. Where wet roots or rocks were I needed to slow down. It was great! I drove down to the skills park and did the eastern half trails... hero also. The clouds burned off a little later and Whitehorse was gorgeous with the new snow and blue sky. This trail system is my happy place. Make it yours too. ;-)   GPS track and pictures are here. Dos Agaves Mexican Restaurant is open in the ol' Hawks Nest building. The food and drink was excellent.

Submitted by tomvale on 12/14/2019