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New Trails Open

23 | Oct | '14

There are a number of recently constructed trails that are now open for Mountain Biking. Thanks to the Central Chapter of Evergreen, local volunteers, and the Chelan Ranger District for these new trails with more construction planned this fall and next year.

A Mountain Bike specific map will be available next year to help riders link the best trails together for the best riding experience. To get the best downhill riding experience at Echo you have to start at the bottom (Park at bottom of Bergman Gulch Trail) or ride to the bottom and shuttle back up. However, you can still hit many of the good trails by starting on top.

With the recent rain the well drained trails are riding good and more use at this time on new trails will help them smooth out. New Trails:

1. Switchback Alley Trail now extends all the way down to Echo Valley - nice flowy downhill single track, ride the berms low as they were built this year. This is also a great 'up' trail as well with a few very short punchy climbs.

2. Minor Threat (.25 Miles) - Downhill only bike trail. This is like no other trail at Echo Ridge. From the lower of the two 'upper' parking lots on top ride this naturally bermed  trail down to the Shoe Trail, go right or left on the Shoe, then down Switchback Alley all the way to the botton at Echo Valley. Linking these three trails together makes for one of the better descents at Echo Ridge. This trail was built by the Eastmont Mountain Bike Club (Middle School Students!!), Central Evergreen, and the Chelan Ranger District. Beware that in mid summer this trail may have sections of soft pumice soils.

3. Dust to Glory (1.5 Miles) - Trail connects the Far East Trail and North Junction Intersection.TH. Best approached by riding down Far East and taking a quick left onto Dust To Glory. There is a short bonus loop on this trail which is a little bumpy right now.

4. Water Bar Heaven (2 Miles) - This trail connects the lower portion of the Outback Trail to Cooper Gulch Road/Echo Valley. Trail is a single track on an old road but provides a high speed descent and a very single track like experience since much of the trail corridor is grown in with vegetation. Combine this trail with the Outback for a long fast downhill. This trail has been used in races the last few years. This is also a good trail to ascend at the start of your ride.

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