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What views and development!

Parked up at the base of the downhill and the two of us began the climb to the top. About halfway up, a full Landcruiser offered to tow us up the rest of the way, and we said YES! Thanks Devin. With straps pivoting around the stem and gripped at the handgrips, we got the tow for the last half of the ascent. After our views at the lookout, we scrambled around the trail development up there and the roughed-in trails are wonderful. Trail 11 will be a knarly technical eastern route and 7 to the west. Waiting to see what Evergreen names them all. Trail crews, thanks for the wonderful times ahead for us Washington riders! Everyone, come explore Darrington! We also did a loop on Logger, down below, for the Trailforks 30-day challenge. ;-)

Submitted by tomvale on 07/22/2019