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Cool June riding

21 | Jun | '19

Friday was a nice cool day to get back in shape, as the limiting factor was my legs and lungs and not overheating. Two interesting cranky old man things happened on the trail: one was a trio of E-bikers who each said a minimum of 5 words or more to me; and two, the other two riders I saw on real bikes said one word in total - first guy at least said hi as we passed in opposite directions, second guy rode by me while I was stopped to add a layer on the way down. If roles were reversed, I at least would have asked if you needed help.

Once at home doing a Google search I see in Washington ebikes are not allowed: E-bikes cannot be ridden on a trail that is designated as non-motorized and that has a natural surface made by clearing and grading the native soil with no added surfacing materials. I truly felt cheated earning my turns and I saw no sign implicitly allowing ebikes.

Submitted by badbie on 06/23/2019