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Nice trails, need more riders!

05 | Jun | '19

Rode the entire trail network at Seabrook this week. Narnia is in good shape, just needs to be ridden more. Mike and company at Buck's Bikes have done a great job and the shop has current trail maps available for free. The south end of Narnia connecting back to the Seabrook housing area has a couple of brand new sections, some technical. Good workout! I headed up the hill to Lollipop to finish the ride and did three loops around the hilltop section. A great little section of cross-country to reward you after the climb up the fireroad. 7.75 miles with some sections repeated for fun.

I would love to see Evergreen sponsor a race here to get the word out about these great and upcoming trails.

Submitted by BrownietheDestroyer on 06/06/2019