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Wet Season Tips

10 | Oct | '14

Oct is here and the rains are starting. If you are new to the Banner Forest trails here are my tips on trails that typically will hold water and mud for prolonged times. Avoid Foxy Deer, Donald Duck, and Banner Slough. Banner Slough can be used to connect trails but expect big standing puddles, most have a ride around option. Lizard King is known to stay a bit wet in sections.  The fireroad will also send up more water/mud splatter than many of the trails.

Banner provides me a fairly relaxed ride, I can go into trails and you are kept busy winding around a trail network that for much of the area has sightlines under 30 feet. Bear bells come in handy more to hear riders appoaching on the dense sections. Expect hikers and sometimes horses closer to the trailhead. Luckily there are a lot of trails here, even with the parking lot full you often won't see another rider. The largest downside is that being a County owned park they are not friendly to people doing trail work and do not allow any features to be built. Trail gnomes do keep the trails brushed back fairly well and rarely do down trees stay in place for very long. 

Submitted by van462 on 10/11/2014