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A lot of bulldozing

06 | Oct | '14

I live 1 mile from here, and ride this in a pinch when pressed for time, and need to burn off some steam.  LOTS of bulldozing, grading, and pre-housing-development activities, so most of the trails are hammered.  I clear them as I ride them, but I'm only out in that area about twice a month.  Many now are blocked.

You MUST have a Palmer pass to ride on this land.  You can get one at the Palmer Steam-Shovel hut on HWY 169, behind the coffee stand in Black Diamond.  There is no charge for the pass.  

With all of the bulldozing in the last 12 months, there isn't much trail on the east side of the road to ride.  And the west side is very overgrown, but still rideable if you don't mind picking up a stick in the spokes once in a while.

Be polite, and get a pass, so you don't ruin what little riding is left on Palmer land before it all gets developed, and keep the bike-friendly theme going.  Thanks!

Submitted by paulbozich on 10/07/2014