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Earn your turns

13 | Jan | '19

Rode Ollalie for the first time on Sunday. Incredible weather for January. Blue skies in the mid 50's and no rain for the previous few days meant perfect trail conditions. A couple small patches of snow but the trail is clear all the way up. 

The climb was "relentless" but manageable. It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes from the trail head (not including the 2 mile warm-up on the Iron Horse Trail) to reach the upper lookout. We did not ride the last mile or so to the very top. There is one section of switch backs on the top half that really make you work, but it's all worth it. The decent flows beautifully and it's as fast as you want it to be. Be mindful of climbing riders around some fast blind corners. If you keep your eye out on the way up you will find a few fun "A-line" options on the way down. 

Bottom line, I love this trail and will definitely be back many times.

Saw maybe 10 other bikers and 4 hikers on the way down. 

Submitted by jcurto85 on 01/14/2019