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Come check it out!

18 | Dec | '18

Relative to other Evergreen-supported trails, not many people ride Moss Lake. But it’s a great area with a small, dedicated group of unsanctioned folks who work hard to quietly maintain the trails (most notably is the infamous trail gnome, Bev). I ride here a few times each month and have recently started helping with some trail work on No Name. This trail runs through a clearcut and has slowly been brought back to life after it was logged off. Much of the trail is in great shape, and significant work has been done to the wet (muddy) south/east end of the trail. More work will be done to improve drainage throughout the length of the trail. There is also restorative work being done on Crazy Eight, another trail through a neighboring clearcut. Riders are needed to come enjoy this relatively hidden gem network of trails. It‘s a really peaceful area that feels very remote despite being only 5 miles east of Duvall. No, there aren't any epic climbs or insane bombing descents, but there are miles of fun XC trails with some fun ups and downs and twisties through the woods and clearcuts. Come on out and put tracks on the trails—it rides great during winter!

Submitted by Unaccomplished Angler on 12/18/2018