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Alpine Baldy phase one out and back

14 | Jul | '18

The trail is snow free and very dry.  The 5 mile road to trail conversion is very rough but rideable except for a couple of downed trees.  Three of the stream crossings are allready partially washed out, though still ridable.  Use caution or you will fall into deep rocky pits.  The trail builders did a great job here but it is far from a classic single track ride.  Its going to need a ton of work to make it flowey and fast.  The stream crossings are going to need some smart trail engineering if they are going to survive for multiple seasons.  The upper flow trail past the end of the road is well built and very fun to ride, kudos to the builders.  It needs to be raked badly though, take some extra time if you go up there to clear debris.  It is showing a couple drainage issues as well but they are not hazardous yet.  From the crest of the trail in the medow it is a short foot hike to the summit, no views though as it is forested.  This trail need riders - go enjoy!

Submitted by Chrols on 07/14/2018