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Heavy Snow at "Campsite"

07 | Dec | '17

Trail is great for about 4.5 miles from the JWT. There were various patches of compact snow and ice all the way up to the viewpoint before the steep tight switchback section. I was lucky enough that the inversion brought temps upove freezing to make these areas rideable. Areas where the bike traffic has packed down the snow are extremely slippery when frozen. Above the viewpoint, random  snow sections became deep and un-rideable. Pushing thru a few of these brought me to about 50 yards of deep snow in the last couple switchbacks to the landing pad "Campsite". However. it was all great fun rideable down while clipped out for stability. There is no evidence of any bike going any further. Only 1 set of boot tracks in the snow continued on.

Submitted by KenB. on 12/08/2017