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Cold and rainy - still rad

21 | Oct | '17

Got up to the trail early on a Friday morning, we had planned to go out and were determined to ride despite the weather. It was raining and in the mid 40s at the Rattlesnake Ridge parking lot. 

The trail wasn't slippery even though it'd seen a lot of rain in the days prior - although we did spend a lot of the ascent moving branches and logs out of the way (and catching our breath, goddamn) because of a wind storm that had rolled in a couple days earlier. 

Temps were about 10 degrees colder at the top, so much so that we had to stop and put on some more layers, and even hand warmers in our gloves.

The climb was worth it for all the beautiful views, and the descent was some of the most fun I've ever had on a bike - not only are you practically flying, but the forest you're speeding through is just beautiful. 

Obviously not single speed friendly, unless  you're a super badass. 
Suspension is optional - I did this on a hardtail, my friend on a rigid bike. The trail is pretty smooth, so you're not going to be popping over big roots or rocks really. 
If there's debris on the trail going up, taking the time to move it makes descending a lot more fun. 

Submitted by andthedevilis6 on 10/30/2017