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Punish Your Body

14 | Aug | '17

Current conditions: Dry and dusty trails in relatively good condition for most of the ride. One bridge down.

Do you like long, steep climbs? Treacherous washed out cliff-side trails? Nettle stings on your legs? Well this is the place for you!

I parked at the Dog Park and despite the description on the trail page of it being shady, it felt very busy and safe to me on a weekday evening.

I took the eastern climbing trail. The ride up from the dog park consists of a few rolling hills and some small bridge crossings. When I went, one of the bridges was collapsed, but seemed to be secured enough to walk across. After these small rolling hills, you're going to hit some very steep switchbacks. If you've ridden Tolt, it's a bit like that beginning climb to the top, but I'd venture to say steeper and longer. I had to walk my bike a lot of the way, but I'm also very out of shape.

At the top, you'll get some fun flowy singletrack. I got a bit lost as it was my first time. The ride back down is not for the faint of heart, but if "Downhill World Cup Simulator 2017" sounds like fun to you, enjoy!


Submitted by mickswan on 08/15/2017