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Great fun

16 | Aug | '14

First time riding Henry's Ridge. Entered the trails next to the Water Tower. Went up trail (name unknown to me), then went on Anaconda, Python, Snake, Connector, BeaverTracks, then Beavertracks Loop. Ended up at an intersection at end of Beavertracks loop that also had a trail called Lil Red (which is not on the map I have). At this point, I was back not far from my starting point by the water tower. Trails with reptile related names are aptly named. Twisty up and down rooty with some logs to add to the fun. Part of Beaver Tracks goes along the lake, then close to the railroad tracks. A little overgrown at this point of the year, and a lot of fun. Eventually, BeaverTracks Loop leads you to some very well built uphill switchback turns and some swooping high speed down and up sections. Recent rain has left the dirt in primo condition. No dust at all, and virtually no mud either. Traction about as good as you'll get. This is a great place to ride. With all the up and down, twisty turning, swichbacky stuff with lots of roots and the occasional log thrown in, there isn't a lot of sitting and spinning, which is to say, these are very nicely built mountain bike trails. Thanks to the builders. I'll be back.

Submitted by ladmo on 08/17/2014