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Getting logged off or overgrown

08 | Aug | '14

I went for my first ride at Moss Lk. yesterday. Printed out the map and was glad to have it on the maze of intersecting roads and hard to find trails. Thanks to those who have worked out there and marked many of the trails.

I rode throught the gate to find the Fox Glove trail, but it appears this area was logged off since the map was made - I rode through on logging roads and worked up a sweat in the hot sun. On my way back on the paved Pipe Line rd. I went slow looking for Memorial Trail, but couldn't find it. Many of the outlying trails are getting overgrown so my legs picked up some scrapes and a few thorns from slapping plants.

I had fun, and got a good work out trying to ride everything, but I found the trails to be either rather booring straight overgrown roads, or very twisty & rooty tech. single track that forced me to push (I'm an intermediate/advanced rider). I didn't find any fun flowy trails so I'm not motivated to return soon.

Submitted by jimd on 08/10/2014