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Getting Better!

01 | Aug | '14

G-Man and the crew had a very productive work party on Osborne Mountain trail, at the very end of the trail as it comes back into Big Creek CG after long and fast descent.  Working with Ranger Rick from the Forest Service, the crew cleared +/- 1 mile of the brushiest part of the trail through the clearcut and it is now nice, buff and passable!  Ranger Rick has also been doing some brushing and re-benching of the trail where the tread was falling apart and disappearing, particularly in the middle section, so the entire trail is now very rideable.

After the WP, we parked at Cora Lake and started riding from there.  Having worked for 4~5 long hours in what felt like 90 degree, 150% humidity condition earlier in the day, a lot of us were pretty whupped and upward grind was definitely more challenging than usual, even though the trail itself was so much more rideable.  After much pushing, we finally made it to the top of the last descent at Osborne Mt. and never looked back.  I can't say enough about how nice it is to just roll into the camp ground and be done! 

Huckleberries were out but not quite ripe yet.  They will be later in the month.  3 or 4 possible swim spots.  Go get them while it's nice and brushed out!

P.S. For a second day ride, nearby Silver Creek will offer a nice and easy out-and-back option for under 8 miles, featuring pristine singletrak that is entirely rideable going out and fast and swoopy coming back.  

Submitted by Bruiser on 08/07/2014