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Up to the lookout

Decided to go see the slide at Oso and go up to the lookout for a little excercise. For the ride, I parked at the Whitehorse Park ball fields and then rode the 13 miles up to the lookout for the nice views. The road is paved for 2.8 miles then turns to dirt. It can be done by car all the way up to about 3500 feet, or 12 miles in, where the lookout access road has a gate to limit 4 wheelers. This place will be neat when DNR and Evergreen are finished next year. Track and pics. Ultimately, if you don't want the climb, you could drive up, or shuttle to the gate and ride to the lookout.  It is gonna be a real neat place to ride. Give it a couple months more for trails but the views were great.

Submitted by tomvale on 08/22/2016