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Nice Day in the Woods

Parked at the Kettles Trail entrance off hwy 20. Rode Kettles, Humpty Dump, Alder Grove, Windsucker Hill, Lower Ridge, Baker View (it was cloudy), High Traverse, Boundary Trail, Hugh's Delight, Fisher Ridge, Kettles Dip loop, Spencer's Loop, Shephard's Crook, and came back on Kettles Trail.  That took about an hour, and the first 6 trails listed were all smooth and gravelly, and good for exercise. They mostly seemed to follow old logging paths through the regrown woods, which made it more like a bike ride in the woods than mountain biking. But: I rode South to North, and riding in the opposite direction would give one more fast, if smooth n sorta straight downhills.

Fisher Ridge and Kettles loop were probably my favorite trails--more like riding the Renton Tapeworm, with a little more flow n speed and lots of twists n roots n little uphills. Spencer's Loop was the fun-ish, absurd surprise of the day. I tried hard, but found it unrideable by about the 1/2-way point and decided it would be more fun to throw my bike over my shoulder and bushwhack up a steep ravine-side to the road and other trails beyond than keep "riding" it. The issues were dozens of too-tight switchbacks down and up very steep slopes, and slick downhill roots and logs in place of a trail at times.  I kept at it, trying to experience/understand the builder's unique vision, but when the trail went through a gap between two trees that was about 8" too narrow for the handlebars I decided it was probably a joke or an eagle scout project by someone who doesn't bike (?). That said, I will try it again in the future, 'lol'.   

Overall twas a fun day with plenty of climbing to stay warm. It's a place where one can take people of any skill level and a lunch and ride all day exploring, getting exercie, and figuring out the best routes.  Highly recommended.   


Submitted by BentDull on 06/19/2016