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No Windfalls to Worry About

12 | Jun | '16

This ride totally changed my opinion of Ellensburg.  No offense but I have never spent time there before and only thought of Ellensburg as a gas and coffee stop with a lot of wind.  

Conditions couldn't have been any better.  The wild flowers were on the decline but still abundant and the trail mostly firm.  You even get a spectacular view of Rainier.  Pine Oasis was quite overgrown and there wasn't a tire track even in the areas which were soft.  Many times I thought I took a wrong turn.  I wanted to take Burro Loco to Friskey Donkey but couldn't find the trail.  In retrsopect I now know where it was but it was completely covered in long grass which made me believe at the time it couldn't have been the established trail and since I don't like to tread, I turned around and rode Gunsmoke.  The trails don't seem to get a lot of use.   Beautiful sunny day and I only saw four other bikes.  Not complaining.  

Good climbing followed by nice single track through rolling green hills.  It doesn't get any better.  Probably a little too tame for a lot of you I am sure. 

If you are going to go, go soon while it is still green and the temperature moderate.  



Submitted by paulsinbc on 06/14/2016