Felt like a wet slug afterwards

22 | May | '16

Until Evergreen or DNR finish with the trails the only ride really available is the road in blue on the overview map. I turned off hwy 2 on to the forest service road and parked about a 1/2 mile in under the power lines.That starts your ride at about 1200 ft. I put the rain gear on and went for the climb up the road.  The Jennifer Dunn trailhead for Beckler Peak is another 6 miles up and at 2800 feet. From there you go east on the lower road toward Alpine Baldy. The road is clear enough to ride on but there is a lot of brush and branches to avoid at times. There are several creek crossings, some you need to dismount and two are a little tidious due to some pretty devistating washouts and compromised roadbed and culverts. Get by those and you're back to climbing through the foliage. There has been some clearing work performed so riding to the end of the blue line on the map is doable. There is a snow field still at the end of the road and the last 1/4 mile is hike a bike in 20" deep slushy snow drifts still needing the sun.
Recent rains, in addition to today's, made this a real wet ride through the brush but come Summer, it will be more enjoyable and better for pictures.  There are several roadbed compromises that need special care when getting by them. Stay away from the edges! Another collapse is just waiting. The forest service road to the trailhead is in great condition, making for a thrilling downhill but watch for cars if your're riding below the trailhead. Track and pics.

Submitted by tomvale on 05/22/2016