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A Fun Workout

27 | Jul | '15

I found the climb up to the top of Ape Canyon to be quite challenging for a 60yr old rider on a vintage steel bike. However the view was worth the three mile climb with it's steady (but never too steep to ride) grade and all the huffing and puffing along the way. The trail through the woods is mostly smooth, in great shape and it is a miracle how those trees survived the eruption. Once at the top the trail flattens out and opens up to a pumice surface that crosses a generally desolate landscape all the way to Windy Ridge. I rode sixteen miles altogether and it made for a nice 4-5 hour ride though it could be done faster but why rush through this beautiful and unique area. Everyone should do this ride at least once. You are always in the shadow of St Helen's and Mt Rainier, Mt Hood and Mt Adams can also be seen. Of course the ride back down was a blast - watch out for hikers on your way down.   

Submitted by billmcne on 07/28/2015