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The Un-maintained Parts

25 | Jun | '15

The West side of the gulch needs some work, there are some broken bridges and mud pits, some hike a bike areas, there are also a few uncrossable fallen trees deep in the spinach.  

Sadly, the amazing dirt jumps at the top of the plateau have been purposefully destroyed or otherwise made unusable, could be brought back to life for BMX or Dirt Jumpers, but also plenty of lines for a XC bike.  

I'm planning to chainsaw through the trees blocking the stuff tucked away on the Westside, but there are still plenty of lines you could pick to go around these parts.

Nettles are super bad this season.

The East side of the gulch is all good, and a lot drier than the west... there's a sand filled chute that's about 30 yards long that will make your fork dive, but can also be circumnavigated just like everything else at The Gulch.

Submitted by DefJuice on 06/26/2015