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Glad I visited

20 | Jun | '15

Went out here for the first time, after visiting the 'rents in Gig Harbor. I will definitley be back whenever I visit them! However, there were a LOT of hikers on a sunny Sunday. I would definitely recommend mid-week, or morning on Weekends to beat the crowds. I rode up Wildcat, encoutered one moto that was descending but he was going slow and in-control. There was some dusty spots but not teribble. After reaching the Vista, I descended on the Gold Creek side. It was a great trail but I could not get in a groove, way too many hikers coming up.  Explored a bit and ultimatley found myself going down Beaver Pond and intersected with the bottom half of Wildcat and that was a great descent!  This area is well marked, hard to get lost especially when viewing the area on Strava as well.  Overall a great area but would benefit with desiganted hiker-only and/or bike-only trail(s).


Submitted by conomcdo on 06/25/2015