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Evergreen, in partnership with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), is excited to announce two new descending-only trails for the East Tiger Mountain trail system.

Close Encounters is a double black diamond hand-built connector between the East Tiger Summit trail and the Preston Railroad trail dropping 300 feet over 0.3 miles. Think raw and steep! Access to the trail is about .75 miles from the summit of Tiger via the East Tiger Summit trail, and the trail ends at the intersection of E.T. and the Preston Railroad trail.

"E.T." can be accessed via the East Tiger Summit trail and Preston Railroad trail about 2.6 miles from the Tiger summit. This is an awesome section of machine-built blue-rated flow trail dropping 1000 feet in 1.3 miles, ending at the 7500 access road. If you want to turn it up just a little there is a Black Diamond option to the finish of this trail onSuper T.  Once at the bottom you can traverse to the bottom of the Preston Railroad trail with access to Silent Swamp. 

These trails were built over a period of 18 months with a lot of help from volunteers to complete. Huge thanks to all who chipped in with their blood, sweat, tears, and wallets!

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