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Leavenworth Ski Hill Trail Project

Location: Leavenworth, WA
Chapter: Central
New Mileage: 12 miles
Status: Complete
Projected Completion: Fall 2021

Our Central Chapter has nearly completed a series of trails that mountain bikers have worked to build for over 15 years, the Ski Hill Project represents a partnership between Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and the USFS Wenatchee Ranger District that joins several stacked-loop trail concepts. Ranging from green circles to black diamonds this progressive-level system affords great riding options for riders of all abilities.

Rebuilds of Freund Canyon and Rosy Boa were early parts of the project. New trails were built on the Ski Hill side of the ridge, For the Boys and the "NUT" (New Uphill Trail) completed in 2017 to connect to the existing routes in Freund Canyon and allow riders to enjoy 5-6 mile loops directly from the base of Ski Hill.  

In 2019 and 2020 the infamous Ribbed trail was brought back to life. Once a contentious rouge trail and thorn in the local ranger district's side this trail is now an example of what long term planning, collaboration and partnership can build. Beginning at the top of the Freund Canyon loop trail "Middle" Ribbed starts with a punchy 10 switchback climb to the ridge and takes riders down a series of small to medium size jumps, large flowy berms, and high-speed ridgeline views. Connecting with "Lower" Ribbed offers the most challenge and flow within the Freund system, with large jumps, gaps, high-speed berms, and steeper terrain. 

The final piece of the plan will begin construction in the summer of 2021 with the extension of the NUT trail to the top of the ridge give riders access to the very top of the Rosy Boa trail. We expect construction for this will be done in Fall 2021 with the opening of the trail in Spring of 2022.



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