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Echo Ridge

Location: Chelan, WA
Chapter: Central
New Mileage: 7.5 miles
Status: Complete
Completion Date: 11/30/2017

A 15-minute drive from downtown Chelan, the mountain biking at Echo Ridge now appeals to even more riders, with new flowy singletrack trails built within the system. 

Most of the trail system is shuttle accessible, with kid-and-family friendly trails near the upper trailhead by the yurt.  The Chelan Ranger District has been pivotal in working on the development of these trails.

Evergreen Central has constructed 7.5 miles of new trails at Echo Ridge over the last 3 years; the continuing effort has created two ‘top to bottom’ descents, one of which is 5.5 miles long. Crews are currently polishing up the Waterbar Heaven trail descent with some new wall rides that will make the long descent even better.  The newest trail to come on line in October 2016 is “Divine Intervention” which provides another top-to-bottom descent when connected with the Switchback Alley and Shoe Trails.

Next season, Evergreen Central crews plan to begin construction on the final new trail at Echo Ridge. Once completed Evergreen and Chelan Ranger District will designate the Echo Super loop, which will combine the new trails and some of the best existing trails for a high quality 16-mile loop.

Central EMBA will continue to work with the Chelan Ranger District to identify future trail projects that may include connecting the Echo Ridge area to the Antilon Lake area near Manson, WA.



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