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Darrington - Upper North Mountain

Location: Darrington, WA
Chapter: Cascades to Sound
New Mileage: 6 miles
Status: Complete
Completion Date: 10/19/2019

Completing this project marks a major milestone for both Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance (Evergreen) and Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR). North Mountain delivers on a post Oso Landslide promise to help spur economic activity in and around Darrington.

After opening a beginner and intermediate skill building ride park in 2017, the new upper mountain trails round out the trail network with a unique user-experience that’s unmatched elsewhere in our state. 

As part of creating a unique trail experience in Darrington, Evergreen and DNR collaborated to develop a 1-year pilot to allow Class 1 e-MTBs onto this brand new network.

“Piloting e-bike access on a brand-new purpose-built system is ideal in a location without prior use or management objectives that require modification,” says Evergreen Executive Director Yvonne Kraus. “In partnership with DNR and in carefully evaluating access opportunities for the fast-growing e-MTB user group, we believe we are on track in our approach to carefully, responsibly, and sustainably introducing e-MTB access where it makes sense.” 

To help DNR and Evergreen gather e-MTB user data, experiences and other feedback, we encourage everyone to go ride North Mountain and complete DNR’s survey. Data will be evaluated by both DNR and Evergreen staff for ongoing e-MTB policy and access decisions.

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