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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to most of the commonly asked questions about Evergreen and our programs. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

Dirt Camps

Parents often wish to carpool out to camp with other parents in their area. Because we are still operating within a pandemic, carpooling is currently discouraged. We look forward to a future where we can resume sharing space and reducing the impact on our planet!


Dirt Camps

Mountain bike camp is a closed learning environment; therefore, anyone not registered as a camper is not allowed to come to camp to ride along. You are free to ride the park yourself during camp hours, but may not join camp. This is to keep all campers’ safe, focused, and engaged.

Dirt Camps

The best way is to get in touch is via text message to the Camp Lead (number will be provided prior to camp via email). You may also text or call your campers cell phone directly. However, keep in mind that cell phone going off while riding is distracting, and we will have riders silence their phones during drills and trail rides. They will have the opportunity to check their phones during snack, lunch and prior to the end of the day.

Dirt Camps
  • Bike - please REMOVE KICKSTAND if it has one
  • Pedals- FLAT PEDALS ONLY (no clip-in pedals)
  • Knee/Elbow pads – if your child has them, otherwise they will borrow ours
  • Gloves, optional
  • Helmet – full face helmets are not recommended
  • No expensive electronics, such as Go Pros
  • Water bottle or hydration pack (we have two 5-gallon coolers for refills)
  • Healthy Snacks, please do not pack gum or candy
  • Healthy Lunch, please do not pack soda or energy drinks; sports drink such as Gatorade are okay
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather
  • One appropriately sized inner tube for their bike
  • Sunscreen
  • Needed medications such as an INHALER or EPI Pen – child must self-carry
Dirt Camps

We ride! Mountain biking is a rain or shine sport and coaches will take the opportunity to explain how rain can change the dynamics of a trail. Campers should be prepared for the weather by bringing a rain jacket.

Dirt Camps

While we try very hard to appropriately place campers in ability groups based on the information provided on the registration form, there are times where campers need to switch groups. Based on information and observations provided by head coaches, the lead will decide if a switch needs to occur. If so, the lead will put the camper in the appropriate group.

Dirt Camps

While most of the information was provided upon registration, we do need the online youth event waivers completed when your camper is dropped off Monday morning. Your child CANNOT participate without it.

If you haven't done so yet, please make sure a parent or guardian signs the REQUIRED Youth Event Waiver.

Dirt Camps

Each day focuses on a different skill. Here is the week’s schedule:

  • Monday It’s Basics, Yo’: Braking & Shifting, Balance & Stance, Uphill & Downhill techniques
  • Tuesday: Switch It Up: Obstacles, Wheel lifts and cornering
  • Wednesday: Skinny Drop: Roll downs, Skinnies & Bridges, Drops
  • Thursday: Jump Jam: Jumps and Pump Track
  • Friday: Dig-N-Ride: Trail maintenance, Fix-A-Flat
Dirt Camps

We have an excellent crew of head coaches, assistant coaches and volunteer student mentors this summer. They will be great role models for your campers, both in mountain bike skills and life skills. 

For questions on your particular session contact the Dirt Camp Coordinator dirtcamp@evergreenmtb.org