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Upper Big Sandy Trail Build (Teanaway Community Forest)

05/12/2024,  9:00 am -  1:00 pm
Work Parties
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More Big Sandy Corridor Clearing!

Corridor clearing continues on the new Big Sandy Trail build. We are just 0.6 miles from the top! From where we left off last week if you stand on your tip-toes and squint, you can almost see Upper Rat Pac!

We will take all the help we can get, experienced or not! If you have never done this before, no problem! Corridor clearing means clearing out a 6'-10' wide corridor of branches, small trees and downed logs so that Jeff can get his machine through as he digs the trail. We will be lopping, trimming and sawing branch's, small trees and downed logs and chucking things out of the corridor. The work is fast, fun and rewarding. If we get enough help we can knock off the remaining mile in just a few work parties!

The map below shows approximately where we will be working - we will drive in and park near where we left off corridor clearing last year and work up the ridge towards the connection with Upper Rat Pac.

Where to meet:

Meet at the big turnaround at the end of the West Fork Teanaway Rd. If you put these coordinates into Google Maps, you'll get there: 47.259748, -120.904917. Park off the pavement in the turnaround, and if you'll leave your car, don't forget your Discover Pass.

At the trailhead, we will have a brief safety meeting and decide who wants to drive their vehicle up to the work site and who wants to leave a car at the trailhead. If you leave your car, you need a Discover Pass.

We will drive in approximately 5 miles on a dirt/gravel road that can be narrow, steep and rocky. Any Truck or AWD SUV can make it. If your car is low clearance, you probably won't want to drive in.


What to bring:

  • Discover Pass if you are leaving your car.
  • Loppers, hand saw, or just yourself if you don't have anything. We will have plenty of work for everyone!
  • Chainsaws or pole saws are OK if you know how to use it properly and have appropriate PPE.
  • Water, snacks, lunch.
  • Dress in layers for the weather!

I plan to work even in light rain. If heavy weather comes in I will cancel here and by posting in the Kittitas Mountain Bike Forum on Facebook.


Send me an email: brian at crowleynet.com