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Wilderness First Responder for Mountain Bikers, hosted by Backcountry Medical Guides

From 05/25/2024 -  9:00 pm
To 05/29/2024 -  5:00 pm
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Learn critical, life-saving emergency medical skills in a course format adapted specifically for mountain bikers. Hosted on Galbraith Mountain, you’ll need a bike and good physical fitness to access this classroom. This program provides WFR, CPR/AED, and Washington state Epinephrine Auto-Injector certifications.

This program is a first-of-its-kind Wilderness First Responder designed specifically for active mountain bikers. You’ll learn to plan, risk manage, respond to emergencies, and make important evacuation decisions in familiar yet challenging environments. The net result is a professional-grade education that will allow you to go further with the skills and confidence needed to “adventure well.” Join us on the renowned trails of beautiful Bellingham, WA for this special offering.





Curriculum & Objectives:

Our guides train you how to prevent, manage, and treat a range of common emergencies that you may encounter out on the trails. This course combines online self-paced precourse work with a highly immersive day skills training on Galbraith Mountain.

This combination of focused learning and practical experience provides you with the conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills to face common emergencies that you may experience while biking. Expect to work hard, get out on the trails, make new connections with other like minded people, and learn a ton about mountain bike medicine. Ages 18+, or 14+ with registered guardian chaperone.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Build strong patient assessment skills
  • Demonstrate common treatments of traumatic injuries and life threats
  • Recognize and treat medical emergencies and hardships
  • Prevent, recognize, and treat environmental emergencies
  • Learn improvisation, evacuation, and rescue techniques
  • Practice pre-trip and expedition planning
  • Practice preventative strategies


Learn More & Register Here: https://www.backcountrymedicalguides.org/wilderness-first-responder-for-mountain-bikers-1/bellingham